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Alterm Termortar

Alterm Termortar (Alterm National Cementitious Parge)

Termite Proof Mortar & Render (is also waterproof)

Alterm National Cementitious Parge is a two part system comprising of (Part A – class A construction grout) and (Part B – Liquid) when mixed in varying ratios, forms a Physical Termite Barrier which meets the requirements of Australian Standard AS 3660.1 2000 , AS 3660.3 2000 to work as physical termite barrier against the ingress of subterranean termites and AS 3700-2001 Masonry Structures

Termortar CSIRO No: 5491A DPC Results8 Renmark 01


(a) as a termite proof render (above and below ground) for masonry retaining walls
(b) as a termite proof mortar
(c) repairing honeycombing and damage in concrete slabs
(d) as a termite proof parge around pipe penetrations on outer surface of the concrete slabs
(e) termite proofing parge for AAC blocks panels
(f) as a termite proof grout in tilt slab panel construction
(g) as a termite proof parge for composite wall panel systems




Termortar Brochure

Material Safety Data Sheet – Termortar

Material Safety Data Sheet – Termortar Primer

Termortar CSIRO No: 5491A DPC Results

Knock-Out Block – Sheet 1

Knock-Out Block – Sheet 2

Termortar – Install Manual

Termortar Primer Technical Data Sheet

Termortar Warranty

Termortar Waterproof

Termortar CSIRO Appraisal 316 Meets AS 3660.1.2000

A367B Newcastle Uni Report


Alterm National Brochure for Hebel


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